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Just found out.. well I already knew that I couldn't hear.. just found out how badly it really is...
Toy MasterDom, on Google
The lady in charge does everything in her power to make sure you are pleased
Ruth Barber, on Google
I got my first hearing aids 13 months ago from Sound Point Hearing - LHC and was extremely pleased with the thoroughness of the initial exam. The instruments provided work wonders for my hearing ability. 72 hours ago I noticed they were not working well. I called after lunch today thinking I'd get an appointment in a few days or maybe next week. I got an appointment for this afternoon. Within 30 minutes the problem was diagnosed and resolved. Truly excellent customer service with the highest quality of professionalism and expertise. Thank you!!!
S. Lee Borgen, on Google
Having recently moved from WA to AZ, I was delighted with the results of my first appointment. My hearing aids had not been working for several months and I was eager to rejoin the world of the hearing. The folks at SoundPoint took great care of me and provided all my needs under the previously existing warranty. I'm looking forward to my next appointment.
Richard Osher, on Google

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