I've only had them for a week, now, but I LOVE my new ears! They are very discreet, so it's hard to "show them off." I have been struggling, for several years, with significant loss in one ear, but now I am hearing better, again (in BOTH ears!) The tests Alex (LHC) gave me seemed very thorough and I couldn't be happier with the results! (Hubby is happy, too! LOL)
Karen Murphy-Linden, on Google
My 88 year old mother-in-law didn't want to get hearing aids because she thought they would be very uncomfortable. I took her to SoundPoint Hearing Center and she was tested and fitted for hearing aids and she loves them. The staff is excellent and very helpful. The hearing aids are so comfortable she can't even fill then in her ears. She can't believe how much she was missing before getting her hearing aids. We highly recommend SoundPoint Hearing Centers in Lake Havasu City AZ. Thank you Alexandra Boseant so much for being so kind and caring to my mother-in-law. Marcia and Mary Seitz
Marcia Seitz, on Google
I purchased my hearing aids from here. They have a payment program through Wells Fargo. Works out really well for me. Nice office; professional, and friendly staff.
Kathyhog Hab, on Google
Soundpoint in Lake Havasu is a very professional outfit. Very modern office and Alex is a true professional. You will like her. She knows what she is doing and is friendly.
Jim Faulkner, on Google
Just found out.. well I already knew that I couldn't hear.. just found out how badly it really is...
Toy MasterDom, on Google

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